Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett

At the beginning it was a bit too much for me. I was getting about a dozen emails a day about COVID. It was the only thing the media talked about and the recurring topic of conversations with friends. So, I stopped engaging and shut down.

When my mum told me that my aunt, who lives in NYC contracted COVID, I started paying more attention to what was going on. Weeks later, when my mum informed me that my aunt had passed away, I became fixated on listening to the news to hear death counts (particularly in the USA) but more importantly listening for signs of hope.

I have no immediate family in Sydney, and it was a scary thought that I was unable to visit anyone and vice versa, because state and international borders were closed.

During this time, I’ve been really fortunate for the friends I have who mainly live in Surry Hills/Redfern. Loryn would call to check on me; Leigh took me out for walks and “social distance drinks” in the street amongst old neighbours was really fun (even though someone called the police once because we were making too much noise).

I moved to Sydney from Melbourne about five years ago and, while this period has been difficult for everyone, I’m constantly reminded how blessed I am, and I am very grateful.