Marta Marcos

Before I was aware of the coronavirus epidemic here in Australia, I was looking closely at the news in Europe. My family lives in Madrid, Spain. Then the virus hit the United States. My eyes were glued to the news in New York, since I have many friends and colleagues there – I lived there 23 years.

So, I was pretty anxious even before coronavirus arrived on these shores.

My partner and I decided to escape the city before it went in lock down – I was not that sure in the beginning, he kind of dragged me out. We were lucky enough to be able to move for almost 3 months up north, to Soldiers Point in Port Stephens, by the water. My anxiety disappeared. There, I discovered the relaxing power of foraging the beach and bush for gum branches, of canoeing and fishing. I even caught a couple of blue crabs.

Now, back in Sydney, we are both working from home. Work is starting to pick up slowly. My desk is the dining table. My partner has given up his office all together.

Coming back felt strange, like going back to civilisation – but a scary one, where you can’t trust others.

Some of my friends don’t give a damn about the risk of contagion, and they kiss and hug when we get together. I don’t. One of my girlfriends says with a laugh, “So what, we have to die of something, any way!” Sorry, I’m not ready to die yet.